With the ability to control multiple GSM and UMTS communication bands, this involves a cellular filewall that is capable of operating for brief 4-6 hour missions as a vehicle mounted system, or indefinitely when installed in a building or correctional prison institution.

Designs for the Selective Jammer include both fiberglass array construction, as well as discreet plastic mirror housing styles in order to reduce attention to the system's operational capabilities.

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Please Note:  All Jamming devices in part or whole may be regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of ITAR (International Traffic in Arms) title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130. An export license may be required before proceeding. RF Jamming in some countries is regulated. In the United States, RF Jamming is prohibited by the FCC. Using an RF Jammer without FCC permission is a violation. Some Federal Agencies and US Armed Forces may be exempt.

The Selective Jammer is able to block GSM and UMTS voice and sms calls without RF Jamming. This Selective Jammer is a core function of Managed Access for Prisons. It represents a new breed of cellular firewall capabilties wherein some phones may be permitted to make calls while others are restricted. Because no RF Jamming takes place, cellular phones permitted to make calls or send SMS messages may do so on both 2G and 3G paths by accessing the local (public) service provider.

The "selective jamming" is directed to all non-permitted phone users, such as criminals in a prison for example. They would be denied access to the local service provider and blocked from normal voice or sms operation with their smuggled prison cell phones.

While deployed among prison and correctional facilities, the Selective Jammer is also a solution used on military bases and government facilities where non-authorized communications must be controlled.

Deployments can be configured in portable and / or tactical cases, used for quick setup installations, and are not limited to Prison Solutions only. They can also be used for setting up a perimeter in and around a building. This applies to the use of controlling communications by Law Enforcement when restricted use of phones is necessary.