The system was designed to be deployed outside of a Prison, however, it's RF mesh network can also operate inside a Prison. This will permit the discovery of all cell phones (legal and illegal) in a Prison ; and those phones do not have to be on a call to be discovered. They can be in standby mode. They can even be in sleep mode. The system can see all RF signatures and help the officers in charge detect and handle illegal activities appropriately.

The Drone Detector is able to classify the signals it captures. It can even allow assignments of signals. An assignment of known signals allows the operator to instruct the system to ignore any known piece of equipment.

Therefore, it the Prison or facility currently allows some drones or some cell phones to be used, the Drone Detector can identify those permitted equipment, and ignore them, while only searching for unknown, unrecognized wireless RF signals.

This is very helpful as some buildings and security details currently use RF based radios, phones, drones, and other electronics.

In addition to detection, the Drone Detector can also track the signals it detects.

It can see all types of information including where the operator of the Drone is located. It can provide coordinates of the operator. It can also work with Visualization software to show exactly where that operator is.

This is important when someone is attempting to smuggle guns, drugs, and other contraband into a Prison yard.

The Drone Detector is a unique RF Sensor Mesh Network used to detect incoming Drones and UAVs. It can also detect and track Cell Phones, WiFi devices, and other RF signatures. Upon detection, the system alerts the operator and can also interface with the Drone Jammer to bring down unauthorized approaching autonomous aircraft.

Please Note:  All Jamming devices in part or whole may be regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of ITAR (International Traffic in Arms) title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130. An export license may be required before proceeding. RF Jamming in some countries is regulated. In the United States, RF Jamming is prohibited by the FCC. Using an RF Jammer without FCC permission is a violation. Some Federal Agencies and US Armed Forces may be exempt.