The Detector Jammer:

  • is a proprietary solution that scans targeted frequencies the user wishes to block
  • upon detection of any mobile phone, reactive RF Jamming is created to deny communications
  • reduces background interference to adjacent buildings / neighbors against RF Phone Jamming

The Detector Jammer technology integrates cellular detection with cellular jamming. Once it discovers signal activity, (like a smuggled phone inside a prison) it automatically begins to block that signal. This is an integrated cell phone detection and cellular jamming platform that utilizes 3 modular technologies in a single housing, operating in conjunction with a distinctive sensor.

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The Detector Jammer is a reactive alternative to continual RF Jamming. The Detector Jammer starts to jam mobile phones upon detection. The Detector Jammer is in standby mode until a person makes or receives a call.

Upon alert of activity, the detection function is automatically dis-engaged and RF Jamming is initiated to deny the illegal phone (smuggled phones) from communicating. The system can operate standalone or in a networked configuration, controlled by an administrator.

That means that each Detector Jammer can work with a control center, giving readiness status whenever a remote unit detects and activates to deter prison cell phone communications.  Although cell phone standards differ by country and region, the Detector Jammer works everywhere.

It can detect:

  •  GSM
  •  CDMA / DCS / PCS
  •  3G  UMTS
  •  4G LTE
  •  Data networks.)

HSS has built a global detection capability that can react to all standards and combat EVERY TYPE of smuggled phone or prison cell phone.   This is the first cellular jamming “Detector Jammer” which works universally all over the world, built into one single housing.

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This new technology integrates Cellular Detection with Cellular Jamming. Once it discovers cellular activity, (like a smuggled phone inside a prison) it instantly and automatically begins jamming. This integrated cell phone detection and cellular jamming system is designed utilizing 3 modular cellular blocking applications in a single housing, operating in conjunction with a distinctive sensor.

The system's sensor is able to observe radio frequency emissions between cellular base station towers and mobile phone handsets (the prison cell phone you are looking for.)

Please Note:  All Jamming devices in part or whole may be regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of ITAR (International Traffic in Arms) title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130. An export license may be required before proceeding. RF Jamming in some countries is regulated. In the United States, RF Jamming is prohibited by the FCC. Using an RF Jammer without FCC permission is a violation. Some Federal Agencies and US Armed Forces may be exempt.