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Please Note:  All Jamming devices in part or whole may be regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines of ITAR (International Traffic in Arms) title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130. An export license may be required before proceeding. RF Jamming in some countries is regulated. In the United States, RF Jamming is prohibited by the FCC. Using an RF Jammer without FCC permission is a violation. Some Federal Agencies and US Armed Forces may be exempt.

In addition to Prisons, the Cell Catcher is able to be used in Government facilities, diplomatic facilities, military bases, as well as outside of a building for communication control.

The Cell Catcher consists of hardware that work on multiple bands in an efficient manner. This is a scalable technology. That means if changes occur to the RF environment (if a new phone company introduces new frequencies or bands), then the Cell Catcher can handle those changes with no major redesign required.

The Cell Catcher is portable mobile identity collector and manager used in Prison facilities. It can be moved around a Prison, and can expand its operating range through the use of a distributed antenna system.

When phones are smuggled into Prisons or Government buildings, what can be done to detect and capture them? It is an issue that plagues many Government organizations. Fortunately HSS Cellular Catchers are able to discover these illegal phones and deal with them. The Cell Catcher is known for its ability to recognize which phones are allowed, and which ones are not.

It can permit "authorized" cell phones while simultaneously denying “unauthorized” cell phones from making calls. That means the Good Guys can communicate, while the Bad Guys (criminals in a Prison or non-permitted phone users in a Government building) will not be able to continue making or receiving calls.